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Press Releases

In this section you can access and download Eurocare press releases


Sharp drop in alcohol-related deaths follows minimum alcohol price increase

An increase of minimum price of alcohol by 10 percent lead to a 32% reduction in alcohol-related deaths according to a study published today in Addiction.


Eurocare warmly welcomes and strongly supports Member States request for a New EU Alcohol Strategy

In the Council of the European Union (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs) Conclusions Member States have asked European Commission for a new EU Alcohol Strategy.


French beer tax - a step in the right direction

The French government has increased tax on beer by 160%, which is a step in a right direction that will help to address alcohol related harm and improve public budget.


The Spanish Government gives in to pressures from the beer industry

The Spanish government takes a big step backwards in the protection of public health and proposes to allow all outdoor advertising of beverages under 20% ABV.


International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders day, 9 of September

This Sunday, September 9, the 9th day of the 9th month, is International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders day, prenatal exposure to alcohol is the leading cause of mental disabilities and birth defects in Europe


Eurocare stresses the importance of minimum pricing on alcohol beverages

Eurocare fully supports the planned introduction of minimum pricing in Scotland and similar plans by other governments within the United Kingdom.


Eurocare welcomes the requirement for allergen labelling in wine for milk, egg and sulphites

European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) welcomes the introduction of labelling requirement for allergens in wine.


Alcohol Industry v Health Ministry 1:0

Sport is not an arena for alcohol promotion


Self- regulation is not an answer

It cannot be left to the producers of a harmful product to decide how, when and where it will be marketed. Policy makers must not rely on self-regulation, but rather follow up through more statutory measures to protect the consumers.


Eurocare welcomes minimum pricing on alcohol beverages in England

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) congratulates David Cameron and his government in their effort to combat alcohol related harm by introducing minimum pricing on alcoholic beverages and the ban on multi-buy discounts in supermarkets.


Europe-wide action for labels on alcoholic beverages to warn women not to consume alcohol during pregnancy

Organizations and individuals in over 20 European countries are calling for messages on alcoholic drinks to warn women not to drink during pregnancy.


NGOs call on European policy-makers to launch a new EU Alcohol Strategy by 2013

On the 17th November, Member State representatives will meet at a critical meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action as the future of the EU Alcohol Strategy remains undecided.


What’s NOT on the bottle? Exemption of alcohol from Food Information to Consumers Provision

Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) is extremely disappointed with the shape of the Food Information to Consumers legislation which exempts alcoholic beverages from obligation to list its content.


Eurocare and Active Press Release: Better alcohol control policy means less injuries, more safety and money saved

The European Union is the heaviest drinking region in the world. Therefore, in Europe we suffer from the highest alcohol related problems. It is estimated that 58 million adults in the EU drink at risky levels, and 23 million are alcohol addicted.


Alcohol and Cancer- the forgotten link

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe, nearly around 2.5 million EU citizens are diagnosed with cancer yearly. As many as 30% of cancers can be prevented if we make the healthier choices.