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Eurocare and Active Press Release: Better alcohol control policy means less injuries, more safety and money saved

The European Union is the heaviest drinking region in the world. Therefore, in Europe we suffer from the highest alcohol related problems. It is estimated that 58 million adults in the EU drink at risky levels, and 23 million are alcohol addicted.


Alcohol and Cancer- the forgotten link

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe, nearly around 2.5 million EU citizens are diagnosed with cancer yearly. As many as 30% of cancers can be prevented if we make the healthier choices.


What Is Not on The Bottle? Future of alcohol labels discussed in the European Parliament

Brussels, 17 March 2011. Pick up just about any food or beverage product on store shelves and you'll find on the package information about calories, ingredients etc. Unless that is, the product is alcohol. Alcohol is one of the leading risk factors for death and ill health in the EU, especially among young people. It increases the risk of developing several types of cancer including those of the liver, digestive tract as well as breast cancer, it is responsible for 25% of deaths among young men aged 15-29, causes depression etc.


Eurocare strongly supports World Cancer Day

Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) strongly supports the World Cancer Day and hopes that combined efforts of all stakeholders will lead to significant reduction in cancer cases.


Alcohol industry called upon to take more effective action!

Brussels, 17 November 2010. Ahead of the next Alcohol and Health Forum meetings, public health experts and NGOs in the Forum have issued an Open Letter to its members calling upon the alcohol industry to take responsibility for their share of the problems caused by their products in Europe.


Open Letter of support for Thailand's plans for health warning messages on acoholic beverages

Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) has issued today an open letter of support for the Thai government for its plans to introduce alcohol health warnings labels on packages of alcoholic beverages


Give your child a fair start and do not drink during pregnancy- Marking the FASD Awareness Day, 9th September

The umbrella term, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), describes the consequences that can occur in an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy.


European Alcohol Policy Alliance welcomes Ireland's new lower drink drive limits

Eurocare, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, welcomes the passing of legislation in the Irish parliament lowering the drink driving limit and allowing for mandatory alcohol testing in injury-related accidents.


Parliament votes to exempt all alcoholic beverages from labelling proposal

16 June 2010. At the First Reading vote on the food information to consumers proposal the European Parliament has introduced an amendment to include a temporary derogation for all alcoholic beverages which exempts them from the obligation to list ingredients and nutritional information to all alcoholic beverages.


What's NOT on the bottle- Eurocare response to the vote

Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) is extremely disappointed with the shape of the Food Information to Consumers legislation which exempts alcoholic beverages from obligation to list its content. This is despite the fact that alcohol is high in calorie content, carbohydrates and certain ingredients used in its production can cause allergies or intolerances.


Eurocare welcomes the adoption of Global Alcohol Strategy by the WHO

Geneva, 20 May 2010. At its sixty-third World Health Assembly, the 193 Member States of the World Health Organization have adopted, in a consensus vote, the eagerly awaited Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol.


European Commission releases 2nd Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol

Eurocare welcomes public support for public health policies aimed at preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm

Brussels, 21 April 2010. Eurocare welcomes the Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol, released today by the European Commission and finds it a very useful instrument to measure the success of the EU Alcohol Strategy that was adopted in October 2006.


European health and safety organisations call for stricter EU-coordinated alcohol policies

25 November 2009 - Twelve European health and safety umbrella organisations call for stricter EU-coordinated alcohol policies. In a joint policy statement released today, the twelve organisations urge the EU Council of Ministers of Health:


Alcohol advertising influences adolescents' alcohol consumption, concludes Science Group of Alcohol and Health Forum.

On 11th of March, the Science Group of the European Alcohol & Health Forum presented a report on the impact of alcohol marketing on the volume and drinking patterns of alcohol consumption by young people.

The Science Group, composed of public health as well as industry affiliated scientists, unanimously adopted the report, thus going against the long standing stance of the industry that advertising only serves to reinforce brand allegiance, but does not lead to increased consumption.