Tuesday June 22

09:00 Alcohol and health inequalities

  • Chair: Ian Gilmore, Royal College of Physicians
  • Health equity - social determinants and the role of alcohol, Witold Zatonski Cancer Center, Institute of Oncology (PowerPoint)
  • Comments, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

10:00 Successfully advocating at different arenas, Rolf Huellinghorst (PowerPoint)

10:30 Parallel Session

1. Alcohol at the workplace

  • Presenting the DHS guidelines, Elisabeth Wienemann, Leibniz Universitat Hannover (PowerPoint)
  • Women and alcohol at work, Anja Wartmann, Technische Universitat Braunschweig (PowerPoint)
  • Collective labour agreement, Marie-Claire Lambrects, VAD (PowerPoint)
  • Preventive factors in Finnish workplaces, Antti Hytti, Association for Healthy Lifestyles (PowerPoint)

2. Societal cost of alcohol

  • Chair Wim Rogmans (EuroSafe)
  • The societal burden of alcohol related injuries - NGO's political statement, Wim Rogmans, EuroSafe (PowerPoint)
  • Alcohol can harm your unborn child, Diane Black (PowerPoint)
  • Domestic and street violence, Monika Lakowska, Blue Line, Poland (PowerPoint)
  • Enforcing nighttime alcohol sale ban in Estonia, Anu Kasmel (PowerPoint)
  • How to mobilize society so the social costs are reduced by Sandra Rados, Ministry of Health (PowerPoint)

3. How to pave the way for effective regulation of alcohol marketing in Europe (FASE project)

  • Chair Wim van Dalen, Dutch Foundation for Alcohol Prevention (STAP)
  • What theory tells us about effective alcohol marketing regulations?, Anouk van den Broeck (STAP) (PowerPoint)
  • Keeping up appearances, Avalon de Bruijn (EUCAM) (PowerPoint)
  • The Loi Evin in theory and practice, Michel Craplet (ANPAA) (PowerPoint)
  • Talking about an alcohol marketing ban...why not?, Markus Zöckler (Insititut für Völkerrecht - Universität München)

13:30 Why is Europe not getting to grips with alcohol?

  • Chair: Tiziana Codenotti, Eurocare Italia
  • We have strategies on every level - do we have enough action? Peter Anderson Public Health consultant
  • The Youth Perspective, Jan Peloza, Alcohol Policy Youth Network (PowerPoint)
  • Scotland - minimum pricing in Scotland, Evelyn Gillian, Alcohol Focus Scotland (PowerPoint)
  • Sweden - the Swedish Monopoly and age control - Magdalena Gerger CEO Systembolaget (PowerPoint)
  • State of Play "Food information proposal to consumers", European Commission, DG Health and Consumers (PowerPoint)
  • An NGO perspective, Vojtech Eksler, European Transport Safety Council (PowerPoint)

· Facilitating the discussion: Peter Anderson, Sven-Olov Carlsson, Anders Ulstein
· Estonian experience, Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Social Affairs
· Swedish experience, Maria Renstrøm, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (PowerPoint)
· Italian experience, Emanuele Scafato, Instituo Superiore di Santia (PowerPoint)
· Portuguese experience, Christina Ribeiro, Instituto da droga e da toxicodependencia (PowerPoint)
· Lituanian experience, Aurelijus Veryga, Parliament Committe of Health (PowerPoint)
· Slovenian experience, Vesna-Kerstin Petric, Ministry of Health (PowerPoint)
· French experience, Cécile Taché, Ministry of Health
· Scottish experience, Gary Cox, Scottish Govrnment

17:00 It can be done, Vesna Petric, Ministry of Health (PowerPoint)