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Friday 28 November 2014 - Presentations and videos


Price and taxation of alcohol - see the webcast

  • Chair: Peter Rice, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems
  • Why Scotland Chose Minimum Unit Price, Donald Henderson, Head of Public Health, Scottish Government - Donald Henderson, 6EAPC
  • How could minimum unit price be translated into the Polish context? Anna Puchacz-Kozioł, PARPA, Poland - PARPA, 6EAPC
  • Fiscal policies in EU, Heather Jones, European Commission, DG TAXUD - Heather Jones, 6EAPC


Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA) - see the webcast

  • Chair: Bernt Bull, Ministry of Health, Norway
  • Overview of RARHA, Manuel Cardoso, Ministry of Health, Portugal - Manuel Cardoso, 6EAPC
  • Iva Pejnović Franelić, Institute of Public Health, Croatia
  • Marjatta Montonen, Institute for Welfare and Health THL, Finland
  • Monika Rueegg, Federal Office of Public Health, Switzerland
  • Sandra Rados-Krnel, Public Health Institute, Slovenia




1) Social Marketing

  • Chair: Anna Raninen, CAN Sweden
  • Triin Vihalemm, Tartu University, Estonia - Triin Vihalemm, 6EAPC
  • Marta Zin-Sędek, Actions towards a better Road safety, PARPA - PARPA, 6EAPC

2) Advocacy

  • Chair: Katherine Brown, Institute of Alcohol Studies
  • Democracy is Dialogue: Youth involvement in advocacy – Maja Stojanovska, Active Sobriety Friendship and Peace - presentation
  • Alcohol policy advocacy – Anne Babb, International Blue Cross - Anne Babb, 6EAPC
  • Alcohol and Tobacco – legislative opportunities? Wilfried Kamphausen - Wilfried Kamphausen, 6EAPC

3) From Research to Action - see the webcast

  • Chair: Vesna Kerstin Petric, Ministry of Health, Slovenia
  • European Workplace and Alcohol: Lidia Segura, Public Health Agency, Government of Catalonia - Lidia Segura, 6EAPC
  • Let it hAPYN: Dasa Kokole and Jan Peloza, Alcohol Policy Youth Network - APYN, 6EAPC
  • “Unrecognised and under-reported: the impact of alcohol on people other than the drinker in Scotland” Jennifer Curran, Alcohol Focus Scotland - Jennifer Curran, 6EAPC


Alcohol advertisement and sponsorship - see the webcast

  • Chair: Kristiina Hannula, EHYT, Finland
  • Robert Madelin, European Commission, DG CONNECT
  • Alcohol and sponsorship, Lauri Beekmann, Eurocare - presentation
  • Online advertisement – how it works, Gerard Hastings - Hastings, 6EAPC
  • The European Union’s failure to regulate alcohol marketing in the best interest of the child, Amandine Garde, University of Liverpool - Garde, 6EAPC
  • Regulation of online advertisement, Marjatta Montonen, THL, Finland - Montonen, 6EAPC
  • Cross border advertisements, Irma Kilim, IOGT-NTO - Kilim, 6EAPC


Road Safety, David Ward, Commission for Global Road Safety - David Ward, 6EAPC, see the webcast


Way Forward - see the webcast

  • Latvian Presidency Dzintars Mozgis, Acting director of The Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Latvia
  • Conference conclusions, Tiziana Codenotti, Eurocare - Call for a EU Alcohol Strategy, 6EAPC