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Satellite Events - 26 November

Two satellite events took place the 26 November, the day before the 6EAPC: the APN Symposium and RARHA Satelite Event.

Under you will find more information and presentations from both events.

Alcohol Policy Network (APN) Symposium

The Alcohol Policy Network (APN) met in Brussels 26th November for their annual symposium. Presentations are now availbale on the APN webpage

Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA)

Presentations from the meeting will soon be available

The Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA) started the 31st January 2014. The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) is one of thepartners in RARHA, and will arrange a RARHA satelite event the 26th November 2014. The satelite event will take place in Brussels and registration is now open.

RARHA, funded by the European Union under the second EU Health Programme, is a 3 years action aiming at supporting Member States to take forward work on common priorities in line with the EU Alcohol Strategy and strengthen Member States’ capacity to address and reduce the harm associated with alcohol.

As part of RARHA, Member States will be mobilised to take-up of common survey methodology to obtain comparable data for monitoring progress in reducing alcohol related harm at national and EU level and for benchmarking national developments against wider trends. Furthermore, a common ground in communication on alcohol related harm will be widened, providing a guidance for policy makers on the scientific basis and policy implications of low risk drinking guidelines. RARHA is also addressing a tool-kit of good practice approaches in information dissemination will be developed, taking into account effectiveness, transferability, relevance, costs and usefulness.

The joint action RARHA will be coordinated by Portugal, with the participation of 32 associated partners from 27 Member States plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, and 28 collaborating partners, such as the EMCDDA, WHO, Pompidou Group and OECD, among others.

Eurocare is happy to welcome all interested to take part in the RARHA satelite event, where the content of the project will be presented and discussed. The seminar is free of charge and will take place in Rue Archimede 17, Brussels.


13:30 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:00


  • Norwegian Ambasador Atle Leikvoll
  • Manuel Cardoso, Deputy General-Director of SICAD and Executive Coordinator of RARHA

Overview of Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA)

  • Patricia Pisarra, SICAD, Portugal

15:00 - 16:15

RARHA updates on risks of alcohol, low risk drinking limits (15 min + 10 discussion):

  • Moderator: Manuel Cardoso, Deputy General-Director of SICAD and Executive Coordinator of RARHA
  • How does consumption level affect the risk of death from alcohol – Jürgen Rehm, CAMH, Canada
  • Where do EU countries set the limit for low-risk drinking – Emanuele Scafato, ISS, Italy
  • The BISTAIRS Project and the Status Quo in Portugal - Cristina Ribeiro, Health Ministry, Portugal and Frederico do Rosario, PHD Student Medicine School Lisbon

16:15 - 16:45

Coffee Break

16:45 - 18:00

RARHA updates on brief interventions (10 min + 10 disucssion):

  • Moderator: Bernt Bull - Senior Advisor, Royal ministry of Health and Care Services, Department of Public Health, Chair of Advisory Group RARHA
  • Drinking guidelines in the context of brief intervention - Emanuele Scafato, ISS, Italy
  • Spectrum of responses to alcohol use disorders - Marjatta Montonen, THL, Finland
  • Health services response as the Implementation of a Referral Network in an Integrated Strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol – Graça Vilar, SICAD, Portugal


Closure of the meeting