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The Social Cost of Alcohol: Passive drinking, 2 February 2010

Over 120 people attended the Lunch Seminar organised by Eurocare in the European Parliament to discuss the harm to others as "The Cost of Alcohol: Passive drinking" on Tuesday 2nd February 2010.

The seminar was hosted by MEP Anna Hedh from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and 30 MEPs were present or represented at the event.

Click here to read the seminar's report.


Welcome by MEP Anna Hedh (Audio) and Michel Craplet (chairman of Eurocare) (Audio)

“Passive drinking” the collateral damage from alcohol by Hans Olav Fekjær (Actis) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

EU action to reduce alcohol related harm by Ceri Thompson (DG SANCO- EU Commission) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

Alcohol and Interpersonal Violence - Domestic violence: Xavier Ferrer (Fundación Salud y Comunidad) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

Alcohol and traffic accidents - Antonio Avenoso (ETSC: European Transport Safety Council) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

Children living in families with alcohol problems: the invisible victims - Mira Roine (ENCARE: European Network for Children for Children affected by Risky Environments within the family) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

Harm to the unborn child - Dr Rudi Kohl (FAS Policlinic. The Netherlands) (PowerPoint) (Audio)

Closing remarks by Cliona Murphy (Alcohol Action Ireland - Eurocare) (Audio)