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Alcohol is part of our culture, but can also cause high risks and harm.

The social cost of alcohol in Belgium was estimated to be 4,2 billion € in 2007.

Efficient policy requires a global approach. Little discussion exists regarding the importance of prevention, quality of care, research, … Measures concerning supply control are more controversial : can we allow selling alcohol at night, in vending machines, along highways? Should advertising be limited ? Can we allow selling alcohol to young people from 16 or 18 on? Do we have to increase prices? Etc.

The main questions on these issues are :

  • What is the evidence on the impact of the supply of alcohol on harmful use ?
  • How can supply measures reduce harmful use?
  • What are the necessary conditions ?

The Federal Public Service Health organizes a conference on these topics.

This conference will take place Friday, September 26, 2014 in Brussels.

Scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders from all relevant sectors will share knowledge and opinions.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in this conference.

Registration and all other information is available at