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Eurocare has a Secretariat in Brussels, which acts as the central contact point for member organisations as well as other bodies concerned with alcohol related issues, including national and international press.

Mariann Skar

Mariann Skar Secretary General

Mariann Skar has been the General Secretary for Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) since October 2007.

Mariann is qualified as cand.polit (sociology and social policy) from the University of Tromsø, Norway.

Her working experience, which dates back to 1979, is varied, spanning from being an independent public health consultant in Brussels and Thessaloniki, seconded national expert in the European Commission, Directorate-General Health & Consumer Protection, Unit for Strategy and Analyse (Brussels) and Unit for Health Determinants (Luxembourg).

Mariann was working at Tromsø University College for 13 years and during this time she had management responsibilities (Head of Nursing Education), was lecturing in general nursing and sociology/social policies and involved in various developmental, evaluation and research activities.

Aleksandra Kaczmarek

Aleksandra Kaczmarek Head of Policy

Aleksandra Kaczmarek has a Masters Degree in European Union Law from King’s College London (University of London, UK) and a Bachelors Degree in Politics and Sociology from the University of Liverpool (UK).

Aleksandra has experience of working for civil society organisations, both at national and European levels. Prior to joining Eurocare, Aleksandra worked in the UK on the development and implementation of participatory budgeting and public community consultation projects. Her main areas of responsibility covers labelling, road safety, alcohol as a risk factor in non-communicable diseases, food policy as well as relations with the European Parliament.

Sandra Tricas-Sauras

Sandra Tricas-Sauras Head of Research

Sandra Tricas PhD, MRes, MSc, Scientific and Professor at the Public Health School of Universite Libre de Bruxelles, International Co-ordinator and researcher of the Brussels integrated Care Knowledge Centre at Erasmus Hogeschool and Head of Research at Eurocare (parttime) from Spain. She graduated from the University of Navarra (BSc) and continued her studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (MSc and MSc by Research). She obtained her PhD in 2008, which explored the presence of Eating Disorders and Quality of Life of patients with IBS.
She has an interest on Public Health, Mental Health, Health Psychology, Research, Alcohol Related Diseases, and Addictions among others. She has been based in Brussels since 2012.

Paul Lauwers

Paul Lauwers Financial Manager

Paul Lauwers is the Financial Manager for Eurocare since the end of 2010. He is an independent accountant working for several not for profit organisations based in Belgium.

Thanks to the operating grants Eurocare he supports the office around 3 times per month to help to prepare budgets, accounts and the general financing routines.

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