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Responsible Travels, Brussels, Belgium

Evidence suggests that the prevalence of disruptive behaviour at airports and on airplanes due to alcohol consumption is increasing.
In February, the International Summit - Rethinking your Trip took place in Palma (Majorca) to tackle potential incidents in tourism related to excessive intake of alcohol.
Within this context, we will present the first conclusions of the summit, deepen and further discuss the potential incidents at airports, flights and tourist areas.

Excessive alcohol intake by air passengers has economic, medical and welfare ramifications, and is identified as a top three risk to aviation safety. Accidents on airplanes are uniquely unforgiving and the worst scenarios endanger the lives of many people. Apart from the nuisance incurred to the other passengers, drunkenness on airplanes causes flights to be diverted, distracts the cabin crew from their normal safety duties and causes a hazard in emergency evacuations.

You will find the agenda and registration of the event here