31 May 2024 News

Save the date: 26 June 2024 Annual General Meeting

We are happy to extend an invitation for our members to participate in Eurocare's Annual General Meeting. The AGM will serve as a precursor to an engaging high-level conference scheduled for the 27th and 28th of June. 

When?: 26th June, 09:30 – 17:30 CEST

Where?: Impact Hub - Slovenska cesta 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Preliminary Agenda* 

(as of 28 May 2024, could be subject to change)

*We kindly ask for your understanding that if your name is not yet listed as a speaker, it is not due to intentional oversight on our part, but rather because it takes some time to fully update the program on the website. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


  • Verification of regularity of meeting and appointment of chair of the meeting

Moderated by Peter Rice (Eurocare President)


  • Approval of the agenda

Moderated by Chair


  • Approval of the Minutes of the General Assembly 2023 

(some copies of the minutes will be available in the room)

Moderated by Chair


  • New Eurocare members
    •  Presentation by new Eurocare members
    • Vote

Presented by Florence Berteletti (Eurocare Secretary General)

Moderated by Chair





  • Eurocare finances
    • Presentation and approval of the 2023 accounts
    • Approval of the L&S registered auditors for the 2024 accounts
    • Approval of the 2024 budget
    • Approval of the 2025 budget

Presented by Sheila Gilheany (Eurocare Treasurer)


Coffee break



  • Eurocare Board Election
    • Number of full members in the room
    • Number of proxies
    • Voting procedure and quorum
    • Presentations of Candidates
    • Vote


Presented by Chair


Lunch break



  • Presentations from Eurocare members – Debate and open microphone

Moderated by Chair


  • Panel discussion with Medical Societies (Eurocare members)
    • What challenges and opportunities do you encounter when advocating for alcohol policy within your medical societies?
    • How would you describe the level of difficulty in getting your advocacy efforts taken seriously?"
    • Can you share how your medical society has successfully advocated for alcohol policy?
    • What specific strategies or approaches proved most effective?"
    • What role did Eurocare play in supporting your organisation’s efforts to advocate for alcohol policy?
    • Could you give examples of how Eurocare’s support was instrumental?
    • Could you suggest what Eurocare should/could do to help further?


Past President of United European Gastroenterology (UEG) - Helena Cortez Pinto

Policy and Public Health Committee Member, EASL - Prof. Frank Murray 

Executive Director of the European Brain Council - Frederick Destrebecq


Alcohol Communication Campaigns

There is expressed interest among members to get insights into different approaches to alcohol communication campaigns, and in exploring the potential of exchanging knowledge and experiences between members.

Objectives of the session:
• Get insights into DCS’s example of a national communication campaign aimed at reducing alcohol consumption (what is the background, what was considered and how was it developed)
• What can we learn from national campaigns and framing of alcohol harm?
• How can useful knowledge be shared between members to benefit their work on communication campaigns?; and how can Eurocare assist in this regard?

Executive Project Manager, Danish Cancer Society - Peter Dalum


  • History of EU Alcohol and Health Forum and consequences on national alcohol forum and development of alcohol national plans (Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal) – What are the current best practices?
    • Objectives of the session:
    • Briefly go through the history of the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, alongside the reasons and implications of its discontinuation and attempts to renew it.
    • Identify which European countries have active national alcohol forums.
    • Showcase how Dutch NGOs have withdrawn from their national alcohol forums and provide arguments to assist Eurocare members in withdrawing from their respective National Alcohol Forums (or platform)
    • Develop and propose new mechanisms or enhance existing ones for discussing and implementing national alcohol plans, ensuring they are effective.

Q&A from Eurocare Members

Director of the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP - Wim Van Dalen

Medical Doctor and Public Health Resident CATR - Francisca Pulido Valente

Past President of United European Gastroenterology (UEG) - Helena Cortez Pinto

Technician & educator at Fundación Salud y Comunidad - Florencia Manns

Director of Univers Sante - Martin de Duve



  • European Parliament and Alcohol Policy
    • Ideas for the next EP – Intergroup on CDoH 
    • BECA Report (Emil Juslin)
    • NCD Report (Anamaria Suciu)
    • With Special guest MEP Sara Cerdas
    • Objectives of the session:
    • Describe the context in which these initiatives came to life and what was the intention behind  
    • Describe the process, the role of the civil society and WHO
    • Demonstrate the similarities between the mechanisms of influence and outcomes of both reports
    • Discuss the outcome, the influence of vested commercial interests and what are the implications for the future
    • Explore avenues for fighting the commercial determinants of health and putting population measures back on the agenda

Q&A from Eurocare Members

European Policy Officer at IOGT-NTO - Emil Juslin 

Advocacy and Project Coordinator at Eurocare - Anamaria Suciu 

CEO - Alcohol Action Ireland & Eurocare Board Member - Sheila Gilheany 



Open Microphone with Eurocare members

Moderated by Chair


Any other business and closure of the meeting

Moderated by Chair